Hobbies are constructive and something to do in your leisure time. Some people read while others paint or listen to music. Different people take up different hobbies. I enjoy collecting stamps and playing volleyball. I have been encouraged by my family to pursue these hobbies. I learnt to play volleyball in school. Initially I was afraid of playing but then my coach was very good and he trained me well. I have also participated in many tournaments. Now I have become one of the main players of the team. Philately, my second hobby was also introduced to me in school. At first, I thought it was not useful. But as time went by I realised that it was very informative. Then I began to collect stamps. I keep the less common ones inside a small album. The common ones I usually give away. These hobbies keep me occupied.

M.S. Shalinipriya, VIII G, Veveaham HSS, Dharapuram