As part of 'The Hindu' Newspaper in Education programme, Dhwani paid tribute to teachers with song.

They believe teaching is to mankind what classical is to music. Their repertoire is eclectic and spans music of many genres and many languages. That’s why Dhwani, the music group from Kolkatta was such a hit with the teachers, especially invited for the evening.

Playing at The Hindu NIE initiative programme, in association with Linc Pens, they made sure that the evening dedicated to teachers was special. Titled “To teachers with love”, this was a small thank you to those who teach us how to spell our first words.

Fun time

Starting with the popular assembly song, “If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands”. An energy booster this certainly set the mood and made the audience want to jive along, if the loud clapping was anything to go by. This was no ordinary mood setter though. It was also an energy test and the audience passed with flying colours.

Danny Kaye followed next with the popular “Hole in the bottom of the sea” number. This was a sing along and the words were helpfully flashed on a screen so no one was left behind. Teachers, who are usually so averse to anything loud, sang along with gusto. A steady peppy tempo was maintained throughout, determined not to let energies flag and they sure succeeded. A medley of tongue twisters, Tamil hits with old English chartbusters — this was one evening teachers possibly can’t have any complaints about!

Food and Beverages partners were Cheetos and Kurkure, TV partner was NDTV Hindu and Radio partner was Radio One.