Camlin's all India Camel Colour Contest was a riot of colour.

Armed with paint boxes, colour pencils and crayons the city students gave it their best stroke literally at Camlin's All India Camel Colour Contest.

The competition was held at Phoenix Green International School, Kokapet.


From “My Family”, “Sports Day at School”, “Wildlife in India” to “Fun Fair”, the schoolchildren had various themes to paint on, depending on their classes.

Jatin of Std. VII shares, “I drew a vegetable market and clothes market. I drew a shop selling T-shirts and trousers. It was all about my experience at a shop.”

Aditya chose to sketch the bustling supermarket scene, his favourite shopping hub while Jagdish of Std. VII chose to draw the market.

Different styles

A few participants got creative with the medium.

Using the recycle mantra, Rebecca, a participant added zing to her work.

“I decided to use the waste materials from our arts and crafts class in this competition,” she explains.

Nikita, another participant, added festivities to her sketch. “I drew a bangle seller who was also selling diyas at a market place.

Most of the vendors also stock diyas during Deepavali. I used this concept that I observed for my painting.”

Rachita, Std. VII student, who also put in the season's hues, says, “ I drew a supermarket selling diyas and crackers.”

Vidya N. Reddy, Operations and Resident head of the host school Phoenix Green International School says, “About 130 students took part in this competition. It is a multi stage event where participants are judged at the school level, regional and national levels. The winners are judged by prominent artists, educators and child psychologists.”

All India Camel Colour Contest has a presence in Limca Book of Indian Records and now looking at Guinness Book of World Records, with an aim of getting five million participants from 6,000 schools.

But for students it is more about colour and fun with shapes.