The world had flooded to the streets. It was New Year’s Eve. New Year special sales had already started. Balloons were let loose in the vast sky. Parties went on their way. It was the night of celebrations, joy and cheer.

Far away in Calendar Land, it was a farewell party. Calendar 1850 and 1740 were dancing lavishly while calendars 2000 and 2007 were sharing a glass of wine. Calendar 2010 was discussing politics with the calendar of 1942, which wanted to get out of the discussion. Calendars of the late 1500’s were very weak. They were laid in beds with calendars of 1784, 1882 and 1907 nursing them. Their letters had almost faded.

It was the turn of 2013 to bid farewell to calendar 2012.

“Dear friends”, said calendar 2013. “We are here to bid farewell to the year 2012. I invite my senior to speak a few words on this occasion.” Calendar 2012 came forward to a round of applause.

“My dear seniors and friends,” said calendar 2012. “I feel I have done my job well. It’s the turn of 2013. I wish him the very best. Let this year’s events cheer everyone.”

The calendars applauded again and continued to enjoy the evening.

Aji Sagar Razak, VIII B, Excel Public School, Kunnamkulam