Have you wondered why the cuckoo never builds a nest? Or how the butterflies were created?

Here's something that will certainly give your mum a respite from having to keep you entertained. Tales of How & Why presented by Amma's Tales, specialises in stories from Indian mythology. This is the first of a series centering on tales of how and why.

Some questions

But don't think they are just some yarns from times long ago, all about teaching you to be better. Excitingly told, they seek to answer questions you haven't even thought of asking.

Did you ever wonder why a cuckoo doesn't build a nest? Or the crow has such an untidy one? Go on, turn the pages and see how children made a difference.

Crows might be big, black and not a pretty sight on your verandah in the morning but would you have guessed they see through one eye only? A blade of grass is the answer but you have to read to find out.

Each page is a riot of colour. Watch rather than read some of the pages, especially the one starting the story of how Draupadi made the butterflies. They capture the spirit of the tales and take you away effortlessly to a world that was just getting made. For very young readers, they are a delight as they can watch the story unfold. Meant for ages three plus and above, the stories also make for perfect read-alouds.

TALES OF HOW AND WHY, presented by Amma's Tales

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An excerpt:

The animals were very excited. One by one they came in front of Brahma and asked for what they wanted. The cuckoo wanted a beautiful voice that people would love to hear. The proud lion wanted a roar that everyone would be scared of. The bee wanted a sting to stop people from stealing honey. A skink was also waiting in line. When it was his turn he said, “O Brahma, I want poison so strong that if I bite a human he should die.”

Brahma got very angry and said, “You are only a tiny lizard, skink, and you still want to do such a bad thing! Because you are so wicked, I curse you. You will have enough poison to kill a person. But when you are about to bite, you will forget what you wanted to do and will go away leaving them unharmed.”