During last year’s vacation, while travelling through Alappuzha, my native place, the beauty of nature was revealed to me. It is a beautiful place with many rivers and lakes, with the Arabian Sea alongside. I noticed that most of Alappuzha is covered in greenery. We went to the paddy fields and rivers nearby, and visited many other beautiful places.

However, there are many people around us who don’t understand nature’s beauty and spoil it by dumping waste and garbage everywhere. How can people in ‘God’s Own Country’ show such cruelty and have no regard for nature?

People are able to destroy nature so easily without a second thought. I don’t understand it. We should take strict actions against such acts. There should be laws to save nature.

Green leaves have a hidden beauty about it. We must preserve it.

Kavya Sunil, VII, KV No. 1, Palakkad