Here's something that's sure to get you thinking. It's a Robotic Championship and it's open to all...

ThinkLABS Technosolutions Pvt Ltd., in the field of hands-on science and technology education in India, is launching a Robotics Championship in India with two socially-relevant issues — “Go Green” and “Drive Safely” as the themes on January 23, 2011 at IIT Bombay

TRiCKS is a championship aimed at providing a platform to young robotic enthusiasts to think, ideate and come up with innovative and out-of-the box solutions for important social issues like saving the environment and driving safely. “Go Green!” is the theme for the Junior school students (Std. IV – Std. VI), where children will be posed with the problem of the city getting dirtier by the day. The idea will be to induce children to think of ways a robot can make a city clean.

For the Senior school students (Std. VII – XII), the theme is “Drive safely!” Students will be posed with the question : whether it is possible to remove the human touch of unreliability by making responsible robot drivers. They will be asked to make robots that will follow traffic rules while driving. The robot will have to follow certain simulated traffic rules. The robot will be expected to follow the signal convention, honk while overtaking, drive safely when on a flyover, and park safely.

Two winners, one from each category will win a trip to NASA, Disneyland, Universal Studio, New York, Liberty Island and Washington DC.

Students who wish to participate in TRiCKS 2010 can log on to the TRiCKS website or the site to register.

Even if kids do not wish to participate, ThinkLABS encourages them to visit and enjoy the event.