A visit to a museum can be an unforgettable experience.

A visit to the museum is still an interesting outing for most people. “Children who visit a museum like the experience because they are interested in knowing more about our rich past,” says Aruna Bhaskar, a teacher at Euro School, Madhapur.

Museums house artifacts which date back to times which we are hardly aware of. In most museums, every thing is displayed artistically and aesthetically to capture the interest of the visitors .

Museum Day

Let us take a look at the museums of Hyderabad as May 18 is International Museums Day.

B.M. Birla Science Center and Technological Museum is located in the heart of the city on the top of Naubat Pahad.

The Science Center has a planetarium, a science museum and the Centre for Applicable Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

The unique Dinosaurium, is the most interesting part of the museum. It houses the 160 million years old fossil of the ‘Kotasaurus Yamanpalliensis', some dinosaur eggs, a tree and some shells.

The planetarium is closed on the last Thursday of every month and open on all other days. For more details call 23235081 or 23241067

Located on the banks of the Musi river the Salar Jung Museum houses the ‘largest one man's collection of exquisite artifacts'.

Everything at this museum once belonged to Salar Jung III, the Prime Minister of Hyderabad between 1899 and 1949.

The prized possessions of the Salar Jung Museum were opened to public on the December 16, 1951. This world famous collection includes paintings, photographs, books, holographs, sculptures, carpets, furniture and a large number of antique clocks.

The museum is closed on all Fridays. For more information contact @ 24523211

The Andhra Pradesh State Archaeological Museum is located on the Assembly Road, near the Public Gardens.

This museum has a large collection of Buddhist art, Chola bronzes and Roman coins.

There are replicas of murals and sculptures from the Satavahana and Ikshvaku periods.

This museum was established during the rule of the VII Nizam in 1920. The museum also has a unique collection of paintings and sculptures of contemporary artists.

The museum is open on all days except Monday. For more information call @ 23232267.

Located at Saifabad, near the Public Gardens, the Health Museum was established in 1948.

Visitors to this museum get a glimpse of the health problems prevailing in India during the first half of last century.

There are pictures of various scientists put up in various places. The library has a vast collection of books. Health related movies and documentaries are shown to public.

The museum is open to visitors on all days other than fridays.

The Nizam's Jubilee Pavilion Museum is situated near the Purani Haveli, in the old city. This property was acquired by the IInd Nizam, in 1750.

The museum was established in 1936 after the Silver Jubliee celebrations of the reign of the VII Nizam, Mir Osman Ali Khan.

All the gifts received by the Nizam on this occasion are on display here.

The silver souvenirs and mementos, give us a glimpse of how prosperous Hyderabad was during the reign of the Nizam. Various cars gifted to the Nizam on this occasion, are also on display at this museum.

This museum is open on all days except Fridays. For more information contact @ 24521029.