A highly commendable club, members of which go out of their way to help their school mates in need.

Every joyous occasion, be it a birthday or a festive day, the small white box placed near the door of the school office makes them think twice. They have a choice of how to spend the money they receive. A choice of a new dress for oneself or a new book for a classmate who cannot afford it.

The students at the Government Model Higher Secondary School for Girls, Pattom, have decided to take this year’s goal — academic excellence — seriously. A charity club was launched in the school recently to support and help students to excel in studies. Not only are they willing to spend the money beneficially, the students have also decided to use their free time to help the academically backward students with their studies.

Reaching out

“We collected Rs. 830 till now. We were able to help a friend receive treatment from a doctor whom my friends knew personally. Through this club, we can provide as much help as possible,” said C. M. Alka, a student. In each class there are five or six members and we team up as partners and help others with their studies during lunch intervals and sometimes after class, she added.

It’s an initiative to help students of this school who are in need and also to create awareness about their needs and difficulties. The club will function to identify the difficulties of the students and to find solutions so that it is no longer an impediment to the child’s learning, said N. Retna Kumar, the principal.

Every rupee that is donated by the students will be used wisely. Through this, students also develop compassion for others and understand the other person’s problems, said Rekha Potti, a teacher at the school.