Once upon a time in a village far away, there lived a kind-hearted man whose name was Kumar. He used to help everybody. Kumar had a neighbour who was arrogant but he appeared to be lonely. This man had a violin in his house and used to play it every day.

Kumar had never seen or heard anyone playing a violin before as he was quite poor and so he was very curious about the man and the squeaky noises. Because of the man's bad temper, Kumar and the entire village were scared of him.

Once, Kumar saw the man struggling to carry a heavy bag. Kumar offered to help the man but instead of being thankful to him the man tried to shove Kumar but as he was carrying a heavy bag, he lost his balance and staggered down. Kumar helped the man to get up and carried the bag for him .The man felt guilty for behaving so rudely to Kumar that he apologised and became friends with him.

Kumar helped the man in many ways. When he fell sick Kumar used to cook food for him and at times feed him too. One day the man called Kumar to his house for tea. There he saw the violin for the first time in his life. The man saw this and started to play it. He stopped playing and explained to Kumar all about the violin .

He then started to cry and pointed to a photo of a beautiful woman, a small boy and said that was his family. His wife and son were very dear to him and they had died in an accident two years ago. He would play the violin everyday as his son loved to hear him play the violin. They hugged each other and became good friends. Gradually, the man stopped being rude to the villagers and started to help them in many ways.

ASHNA Zafrin Muhamed, V, Baldwin Girls School, Bangalore

Keywords: short story