Meet Rob — the man who can bring alive a picture with a mere swish of his brush.

He did magic with paint brush and Chennai was ‘Robbed'. The audience had their eyes glued on the black drawing board, first a thick white stroke appeared, and then a few more here and there; the revolving board kept turning to all sides. But, only when he gave the final touch and turned the canvas upside down, did they realise that they were looking at the beautiful face of a tiger. The reverse painting session by Harun Robert, better known as — Rob, was held as part of the launch of Pogo M.A.D. Art and Craft activity books by Tata McGraw-Hill School Solutions Group.

This series of 10 books intended for kids in the age group of four to 14 years introduces them to the world of art using the simple techniques that Rob uses in his show Pogo M.A.D. The set of three sketching books introduces the basics of sketching like types of pencils, strokes and shading, and gradually takes you to more complicated techniques of light and shade, perspectives and composition.

The Art and Craft books in the series are a set of five books accompanied by easy-to-follow VCDs. From water colour painting, texture painting, typography, tribal art, mosaic art and clay modelling to making puppets, toys, kaleidoscope, comic book, and a medley of other interesting art works, the series takes you through an inspiring creative journey. And the laudable part is that you could make use of simple and easily accessible things or even junk at your home, to create attractive artworks.

Isn't it exciting to fly a stunning kite that you have made yourself or to play pinball on the board designed by you? And as you try out these techniques, you could learn and experiment with different textures, medium and styles.

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