Hobbies can be perfect stress busters too.

Sriram is 14 years old and is a theatre enthusiast. Hectic classes in school did not prevent this confident and determined youngster from participating in the Hyderabad Theatre and Short Film Festival 2010, as a part of the Ingenium's play.

Do not let go

Do you have a passion for swimming, dancing or to paint and have given up your hobby after the summer break?

Well, dropping your hobbies after the summer break due to hectic school schedules is no reason to give up your fun learning.

Nowadays schools also acknowledge the importance of pursuing hobbies and encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities.

Dr. Rajkamal Matthews, Head Mistress of Meridian School for Boys and Girls, Banjara Hills, says that, “It is really important for students to continue their hobbies since they act as stress busters. It gives them enough energy and momentum to concentrate and focus to carry on with their routine more efficiently. There is proper distribution of work and play which lets the kids be charged up all day long!”

Manage time

This also enables students to value time and become self disciplined. Inaara from the same school loves dancing.

She recently won second place with her troupe in an inter school competition organised by Howard Public School, Himayathnagar. She says, “I love dancing and now I want to learn to play the guitar too. It will be difficult to manage it all but it is surely not impossible!”

Schools are playing an active role by scheduling at least one hour each day dedicated to either finishing homework or some other extracurricular activity that the student has chosen to pursue. This way the students finish their home work in school and parents can encourage their kids to pursue a hobby. It gives the student satisfaction and aids in being mentally and physically charged all day long! Understanding this need, the educational system is also undergoing several reforms to match international standards and make room for holistic development.

There is severe competition in every field. Be it television reality shows, inter school competitions, sibling rivalry, peer pressure or just self pride.

A student now needs to be an all rounder with at least one hobby that could be well knownor just something you like to do in your free time.

Remember how it started? Playing in the mud, painting home with crayons, pretending to be a rock star, stealing your brother's guitar, scratching knees, eating chocolates, watching Shin Chan and day dreaming.

Do not ever give up. Remember your life is always what you make of it!

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