Meet Bot. He is fed up of sitting on a shelf all day long. He wants to go on an exciting journey. Will it be possible?

Go on an adventure with Bot. He is little and made of glass and wears a bright, red, shiny cap. But he is tired of sitting on Neil's shelf all day long and decides he needs to have an adventure.

But then he needs to enlist the help of Neil, who is only too willing to help. He writes out a note “This is my friend Bot. Whoever finds him must keep him safe and look after him well.” With that Neil buries Bot in the snow and wishes him a happy journey. Soon Bot is off — tumbling down the snowy mountain and into the river. Bot is placed in many dangerous situations but he manages to make good and escape.

But there is more in store for Bot. He still has a boat race to go to and escape from the clutches of the bargeman. Bot next gets stuck in a tide pool with crabs, jellyfish and a sea horse and only the tide coming in can save him and sweep him out into the deep blue sea.

His peaceful bobbing in the sea is rudely stopped by the fountain-mountain, on top of the enormous whale! A scary shark bites him and shakes him about, and you can only wonder if Bot will get away this time! But he does

But no sooner is he out of this scrap than when he is well into the next and the next and the next. But Bot being Bot, he manages to escape every time. This is Bot's first adventure, and it is fast and exciting, making you want to know how Bot gets out of his next scrape. His little songs will make you laugh in delight, and maybe you can sing along with him too! The book is filled with colourful pictures of Bot's enjoyable adventure and you can see all his friends and enemies for yourself. But once you finish the book you may wonder — is this the end of Bot? Surely not! His next adventure is set in the amazing Amazon! Well done, Bot!

BOT'S FIRST ADVENTURE, Making a splash, by Malini Seshadri, Helios Books, Rs. 300.

An excerpt:

Night fell. The stars came out and twinkled at Bot as he floated along on his water bed, which seemed to be singing a song..

And in no time at all, it was morning again, and Bot was no longer just floating. He was tossing about and twisting around till be began to feel a little dizzy. His cap went right under the water once or twice, and that was a very strange feeling for him. But Bot and his cap always came up again fast, so that was all right.

Just then, the stream took a sudden turn around a rock, and went on flowing on the other side. But Bot wasnt riding with it any more. his cap had got wedged between two stones of the stream!

“Am I caught?” thought Bot. “Is this the end of the ADVENTURE? Surely not!”


Archana SubramanianJune 28, 2012