Once there was a boy named Hari. He bought a new pair of shoes. He wore this to school every day. In the evenings, he would brush the shoes clean and keep it neatly on the shoe rack.

After a while, the shoes thought that this wasn’t fair. “We go to school every day. All the children stomp on us and we become dirty. Tomorrow we won’t go.” The shoes planned to hide under the cot.

Next day, Hari could not find his shoes despite searching high and low. He sat and cried, but his mother found it. The shoes were unhappy. Hari was hurt and angry. He said to the shoes, “I shall keep you outside the house. All the snakes and snails from the garden will crawl into you at night. Let this be a lesson to you.”

The shoes realised they were lucky to get a home and decided to never behave like this again.

Aniketh R. Menon, IV C, CRS, Ernakulam