A new year begins with pomp, fun and frolic. People wrack their brains when they look at the list of resolutions filled with big promises. Well my resolution is — I will put all my efforts in conserving the earth

My finned friends, feathered friends, slouchy turtles, tall giraffes, humongous elephants, humpy camels, fierce tigers, windy willows, ruby roses and pulpy mangoes — all of these are god’s gift which constitute ‘ nature’.

Yet, so many of the species on earth are endangered.

Do you think I am too young to do this? Nature is what we have inherited from our ancestors and we have to conserve it for posterity.

I will make people aware of the relevance of this, inform my friends, plant trees, be kind to animals and do everything I can. So, I make a concrete pledge to conserve the biodiversity of our planet.

Gaurav Pati, VI, Amity International School, New Delhi