Once, there lived a woodcutter named Mahesh. He wanted to earn a lot of money and went to the forest every day. He cut the finest trees.

One night, he had a dream. He saw the souls of the trees he had cut. They were crying and talking to each other.

“Why are these humans killing us?” said one tree. “What have we done wrong? We give them clean air, absorb carbon dioxide and bring timely monsoons.”

“If we don’t exist, then how will they?” said another. “We are home to many animals and birds. Where will these creatures go if we are cut down? ”

When Mahesh woke up, he was disturbed. He told his friends about the dream and decided to stop cutting trees. He started spreading awareness about the importance of trees and planted many.

Some days later, Mahesh had another dream. The trees were talking amongst themselves again. “How nice would it be if everyone in Mahesh’s village thought like him?” a tree remarked. Mahesh felt happy and continued to plant trees.

Today, those plants have become big, tall trees.

P. Annie Ignatius, VII, St. Ann’s School, Visakhapatnam