There once was a deer named Kalan. A lion named Farsish lived in the forest. One day, Kalan went to the forest. He lost his way and did not know how to get back home. He went to the big forest. Farsish was in the forest and saw Kalan. He began to chase Kalan who ran fast and hid behind he saw a red wood tree. Farsish could not see Kalan and went searching for him in the opposite direction. He saw a car and went and stood in front of the car. The people inside the car got scared when they saw the lion. They locked the doors of the car and sat inside. The driver did not know how to get past the lion. The lion jumped onto the bonnet of the car and began to scratch the glass. The driver got so scared that he started the car. The lion fell down on his back. In the meantime, Kalan was able to escape.

S. Sarveswaran, PMHS School, Dharapuram

Keywords: short stories