There's a buzz around town. Are you aware of it? Wondered about it? Well, it's the circus…

Glittery sign boards, large colourful tents that can seat thousands, sell-out crowds, food and toy vendors to match their demands and celebratory band music that induces an infectious enthusiasm...where else but at a circus can you find them?

Having been the setting of many a book's plot or home to a stray character or two, the circus is magical, mysterious and full of awe to many of us.

Great variety

The Jumbo Circus is now in town. This famous circus, staged its first show at Dhanapur in Bihar on October 2, 1977. Over the years, the circus has travelled all over India entertaining many an audience. Their show features over 20 performances. These include the seemingly ‘boneless' girl's show of flexibility, rope act, hoola hoops, Japanese doll act, acrobatic cycle stunts, fire stunts and many more.

Performances like the flying trapeze, that's synonymous with a circus, and the globe of death, where two motorcyclists ride their bikes almost vertically within a globe are some of the acts where you cannot take your eyes off, fearing you'll miss something crucial.

One of the major hits is the stunts by the African artists whose enthusiasm within the ring is infectious. They play with fire like it's the most normal thing to do and surprisingly, despite performing with fire, they manage to make us laugh as well with their antics.

But none can beat the popularity and the attention drawing ability of the affable pachyderm. The star elephant created quite a buzz when it entered the ring armed with a cricket bat. Hitting every ball bowled to it for sixes all around the tent. Over the two-hour performance you get to see some flying, twirling, balancing, juggling, jumping and not to forget, a little bit of clowning too!

This is my second visit to the circus. I really liked it, especially the cycle stunts and the camels' performance.

Suryanshu, UKG, Chettinad Vidyashram

I had a good time at the circus, even though it's my second time. My favourite was the elephant.

Harini, LKG, Chinmaya Vidyalaya

I have come to the circus for the first time. I loved the clowns and the elephant. The fire stunt was scary.

Kamalesh, III, La Chatelaine School

Being my first visit to the circus, it was better than what I had anticipated. I loved the elephant, camels, cycle stunts and the act by the performers from Africa.

B. Raghavendran, VII, Don Bosco

This is my first time at the circus. I enjoyed the cycle stunts, the flying trapeze and the elephant performing a pooja. I was afraid when the motorcyclist rode their bikes in the globe.

S. Divya, VII, Sarojini Varadappan Girls' H.S.S.

Venue : SIAA Grounds

On till: February 8

Show timings: 1.00 p.m., 4.00 p.m. and 7.00 p.m.

Ticket rates: Rs. 40, Rs. 70, Rs. 100, Rs. 150

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Madhumitha SrinivasanJune 28, 2012