They fell one by one and finally, the last branch, which had three little serene, green leaves waiting to grow, was cut down. Yes, my dear friend was being cut down. It was only last year that we shifted to our new home and when I felt all alone, I found the right friend. It was a beautiful tamarind tree with the loveliest fruits. There was something unique about it. It was a friendship that didn’t need to be expressed through words, but movements of its branches. It gave me shade and as I shared my woes, it nodded its head and released its tiny leaves around me. It was an ordinary tree to everyone else who came to the park, but the tree meant more to me.

But then came a dark day when I lost my friend. I was eagerly returning home from school to pick up the yummy, sour fruits when I saw it — the ghastly sight of my dear friend being mercilessly cut down. I couldn’t stop it. Sadly I realised that there are cruel-hearted, money-minded people who coexist with nature lovers. I will plant trees till it dots our landscape.

Keerthika N., VII B, Excel Public School, Kunnamkulam, Thrissur

Keywords: Student writing