In the past month there have been a lot of cases reported of children taking the extreme step.Why does this happen?

Parents are too busy these days and don't have time for their children. If the child writes a test and gets low marks, he hides it from his/her parents. Outwardly, he acts as if he is very happy.

Parents being too busy don't realise it. When the parents come to know about the child's poor performance through the teacher, they become angry and scold the child who ends up taking the wrong decision.

This problem can be solved only if the parents spend more time with their child. Do not scold him; don't compare him with other children. He may have a different talent.

Make him understand that what he did was wrong. He will apologise to you but after realising his mistake. Don't remind him of the same mistake. Change your attitude and your child will change.

Adithya is a Std VIII student at Navy Children School

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