It is children’s turn now to say nay to heavy loads.

Children carrying heavy school bags are a common sight. One could also hear parents complaining about children developing backache, shoulder pain, posture problems and tingling arms. This being the case, students of Std. V F of TVS Matriculation Higher Secondary School conducted a rally here recently insisting that students don’t carry heavy school bags. The slogan was “Pack it right; wear it light.”

The students along with their facilitator, Anusaya Devi Thennarasu, have sent letters to the parents of the students of their school to help their children reduce the weight of the bags. They made a representation to the Principal, Uma Ramesh, who instructed the whole school through the public address system not to carry heavy bags. As part of creating awareness among children, short skits were performed among students. The students shouted slogans at the rally emphasizing the need to carry lighter bags. They carried placards, banners and photographs depicting the dangers of carrying heavy school bags.

Oh bother

Studies have found that only a minority of the school children carried the bags in the most favourable way. Children who carried their books in rucksacks had a lighter load than children who did not. It was also found that carrying heavy school bags would lead to problems more frequently. Students also mentioned that the school bags that they carry should be between 10 and 15 per cent of their body weight.

Students involved in the campaign were R. Bhavini, R. Ghuru Preya, S. Jeyashree, M. Kavin Yazhini, L.S. Meenatchi, K. Shruthi, S. Gokul Prakash and M.K. Vishal Rishi.


Get them to readNovember 10, 2009