Three years ago, during the Navarathri holidays I was with my cousins at Thiruvanathapuram. I have no siblings. For me and my cousins it was like the summer holidays once again. We did not have to go to any coaching class or tuition centre during the Navarathri season as on the days of Ashtami and Mahanavami we have to keep our school books before the idol of Saraswathi, the goddess of learning so as to get Her blessings. Only on the third day i.e. on the Vijayadashami day, can we take back our books and continue our studies. One such Durgashtami day, we went to the nearby temple with our books. On the way we met Minu, our maid’s daughter who was studying in the Std. III. She asked whether she could accompany us to the temple. But when we asked about her books she was silent and hid the books behind her. We were surprised. Her sister replied that her books were old and torn. We all knew that Minu was using her elder sister’s books as her parents had no money to buy new ones for her. In fact from early morning till evening she was waiting for us hoping to give her books with us so that the priest would not recognise her torn ones. So, to keep Minu happy, my cousins and I covered her books for her. Minu thanked us a lot. It;s now three years since this happened, but I know I made Minu happy.

Vineetha A.V., IX B, Rajagiri Public School, Kalamassery