From 1693 participants to 35000, Special Olympics has come a long way.

Excitement filled the silence of the Gachibowli Stadium. What looked like a national congregation was the second preparatory camp of Special Olympics.


“Special Olympics is the Olympics for the intellectually disabled. After the selections, they would be part of the main event i.e. Special Olympics – 2011 at Greece,” beams I.H. Surati Area Director, Andhra Pradesh, Special Olympics.

“From 1693 participants to 35,000 intellectually disabled from Andhra Pradesh participating in Special Olympics today, we have come a long way,” he further explains.

I.H. Surati greets the delegation as they enter to witness the Opening Ceremony of Special Olympics.

Participants from 26 States marched one by one. The participants with an Intelligence Quotient level between 60 and 70 play volley ball, handball, cycling, badminton, and swimming.

They are chosen to be a part of the second preparatory camp in Hyderabad.

A proud participant Sahil Baride, a free style swimmer exalts, “I feel happy to be here in Hyderabad.”

He gestures that he has come with a lot of preparation. Preparation was not very easy for them and their dedicated coaches But the spirit of hope continues.

To support Special Olympics, contact Anil Kumar, Assistant Director - Sports,Special Olympics Bharat, AP Chapter at 9246888050.