If you find the sun too powerful, take a break and spend some time indoors. We’re looking at a brand new (okay, maybe not so much) set of board games.

After hopping from one sanctuary to another, we have decided to take a break and spend some time indoors. We’re looking at a brand new (okay, maybe not so much) set of board games.

So rub your hands together, look your opponents in the eye, and even create your own war cry, because no mercy shall be shown. Let the games begin!


Concept is more or like charades, only here, you guess words with the help of icons. One team of two players choose a word and places pieces on the available icons on the board to indicate what the word might be. The other team has to guess the “secret word” from the clues. The “concept” is simple.

The Three Little Pigs

Who hasn’t heard about the three little pigs? In story books, yes. But in board games – that’s new. This is a kid-friendly game where players thrown the dice and form houses out of straw, wood or brick, and the big, bad wolf can try to blow it down with all his might. There isn’t much to it apparently, but it’s said that for the younger children, it’s a great introductory game.


From the title, I’m sure that you guessed it right. Pandemic is game where there is an outbreak of four deadly diseases which threaten to wipe out for cities. Here, we play to win as a team and not as individuals. The combined effort of all the players would ensure the prevention of a pandemic. There are player cards and “infection” cards. Populate the board with infections, but remember to keep your cool, find cures and prevent further outbreaks. Go save the world!


The tagline goes like this – The Game of Uber Strategic Hexahedron Monster Combat Mayhem. In simple terms, the players are mystical warriors who compete for glory. These quarriors start with an identical set of 12 dice in their bag. You can cast spells and summon creatures to fight your battles to establish your rightful place as champion. Be strategic, take decisions carefully and get closer to victory. May the force be with... oh wrong game!

Cavemen: The Quest for Fire

Cavemen: the Quest for Fire is like building your own empire from scratch. Well, sort of. Players build their tribe and add new members by bidding on them. What you need to do is make sure that your people are well-fed, you have enough hunters and explorers to find caves to live in, and even invent new technologies. The ultimate goal is to “discover” fire.

Jedi Unleashed

If you have seen the Star Wars movies, and loved them, then this game is for you. This is probably nothing compared to the video game, but hey, it’s Star Wars on the board! With your own Jedi team, you get Jedi cards and can roll the dice to move your Jedi to attack and destroy enemies. Destroy the most creatures and win the game. May the force be with you!