This is a good time as any to get interested in reading. And here's a series that is sure to make it easier.

Summer reading is not for those who love to read or rather know to read. For those who are just starting out on this rather exciting journey of reading, Scholastic has come out with a series of 15 books that are sure to help you through. This series is developed in such a manner that each new book builds on the words learnt in the previous book. Lovely rhyming stories and colourful illustrations to make sure that the interest of the child never flags.

In the first seven book, the adult (parent or teacher) read together. From then on, the child is more confident as he/she finds some of the words are familiar. Shared reading provides motivation and encouragement and allows the first time reader to be a part of an exciting story. Every book has puzzles that help understand the story better.

Pirate Pat is the first in the series and it is made up of letters s a t p i n m d. The first three lines on each double page is in rhyme and the child will read the last line.

Dressing-Up Box introduces letters g o c k ck e u r. To increase the confidence of the child there is a repetition of “I Can” on every double page.

In Grizzly Bear Rock the reader meets the letters ch sh ng and th,

The Queen Makes a Scene has the letter combinations ai ee igh oa oo.

And thus the reading progresses until Book 15 – Mr Mystery, which introduces combinations like gh (silent, as in though, or pronounced ‘f' as in laugh) and endings such as –sion and –tion.


Travel a thousand worldsMay 9, 2011