Animals have their own way of getting rid of their enemies. While some of them just use nasty spray there are others who squirt blood from their eyes!

What do you do when your class' bully throws a punch at you? Well, you could duck the blow, you could holler for help, you could turn around and run for your life or you could try and block his mighty punch.

But if you were an animal, there are scores of things you could do!

Here are some interesting defence mechanisms that some animals and sea creatures use. Weird as they might be, they are really effective.

If you were a skunk, you would show the bully your bottom, lift your tail and spray him with the worst ever smell. It is said that the skunk's foul stink can bee smelt miles away.

Now, if you were an Opossum, you could actually use a number of tricks to fool the bully. You could play dead. The bully is not interested in dead creatures. He takes pride in going for the kill. You could start foaming at the mouth, to which the bully would say, “Yew! This guy is sick!!” Or like the skunk, you could use a spray, which is not as effective as the skunk, but could just about do the trick.

If you morphed into a porcupine, the bully would come out rather bruised, as if attacked by a mob of doctors and nurses gone wild, And yes, with syringes! Now wouldn't that be fun! Porcupines have quills on their backs, which might look quite harmless, but if a predator approaches, the porcupine raises all its quills, scaring the predator! And if the predator still tries to knock the porcupine around, well, he would come out pricked and poked and punctured with quills. A puffer fish, going about his business of just swimming slowly in the sea finds the bully rushing at him. What does he do? He just puffs up! Seeing him shaped like a ball, the bully will get the heebijeebies and scoot.

A tortoise, would just retreat into his shell. A horned lizard would squirt blood from his eyes to freak out the bully. A squid, would be blinded by ink! Squid's shoot ink at their predators which creates a murky bluish cloud in the sea making it impossible for the bully to see beyond his nose.