Primary school children will now gleefully attend classes in the company of animals, birds and fishes.

The pre-schoolers of Government Lower Primary School attached to the Government TTI at Manacaud in the city will no longer go to dull ‘desks and benches' classroom every day. The tiny tots here have teddy bears, smiling monkeys, brilliant rainbows and chirping birds for company in their colourful classrooms.

New facilities

The mundane classrooms in the school were given a facelift as part of a project titled ‘Padanodyanam' (garden school) jointly implemented by the city Corporation and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan as part of creating child-friendly campuses in LP schools in the city.

The Rs. 18 lakh-project at Manacaud School included renovation and re-painting of classrooms, landscaping of school garden and installation of new facilities like reading room and home theatre.

Students of the school now learn their lessons sitting in colourful classrooms painted with cartoon characters, trees, flowers and rainbows. Even the chairs that these students use have a novelty. The ‘zebra chairs' provided to the little ones as part of the project were an instant hit. You can also find cute little toys and a toy house in a corner of the classroom. What's more— the classrooms itself have been bifurcated by beautiful aquariums with brilliant and colourful fishes.

“We have got some new and interesting toys as part of the project. The play area of the school has been re-done with new plastic slides, see-saw and other play things,” said teacher P.M. Lalitha.

Spruced garden

Even the school garden has been beautified and installed with fountains, lamps, pools, lawns, rocks, park benches, bird houses and a giant toy giraffe. It also has a rabbit pen with cute little bunnies in it. The garden pathway has been modelled like a road, complete with a traffic signal. Students are imparted audio lessons in this garden, where they sit under trees and learn through games.

“During recess hours, we play children's songs and rhymes through the public address system,” Ms. Lalitha said.

A renovated kitchen and dining room, home theatre, reading room, newly constructed Integrated Eduation for Disabled Children (IEDC) resource room and renovated computer lab are other features of this model LP school. The school library has also been given a child-friendly design. The books in the library are so arranged that the children themselves can select and choose books without the aid of a as librarian.

“As we also had some new construction work apart from the renovation and beautification work, we implemented the project with the support of the school PTA. We are happy that children love the new environs of the school,” said Principal J. Ammini Kutty.

Meanwhile, city Corporation education standing committee chairman G.R. Anil said that the project is being implemented in 10 LP schools in the city.