Kids at iDiscoveri Xseed Preschool are having fun through the summer indulging in a variety of activities right from playing, painting to even gardening growing their own vegetables and fruits that turn up as snacks on their plates.

At the summer camp — ‘Xplore Summer', that is on till the end of this month, the Sunshine Group (for the age group two to four) and the Summer Explorer Group (for five to seven year olds) get to learn while they have fun. While the younger group involves itself in the splash pool, outdoor games, art and craft, story session and play room time, the older group is busy playing, gardening and cooking.

“We teach them gardening to make them aware of the environment. They do things like watering, planting seeds, etc.” says Principal Kavita Kurian. The school calls itself a ‘green school' and has a vermin compost provision and a kitchen garden. it also has bins that are labelled ‘reduce', ‘recycle' and ‘reuse'.

The idea is to just get the children grasp the concept of proper waste disposal.


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