The Ramakrishna Math held a summer camp this year and I had to write an entrance test to get a seat. I was really excited that I got through.

The first day of the camp, we were told to wear white. I had to start early to be there on time. I didn’t have any close friends, but I slowly made friends with the other kids who attended the camp.

The first session of the day began with yoga and we learned different asanas. The second session included activities such as painting, drawing, craft and handwriting improvement classes among other things. I enjoyed these sessions very much. After a 45-minute break, during which they gave us breakfast and a glass of fruit juice, we were sent to the hall to sing shlokas, bhajans and patriotic songs. Then we went home.

The last day, competitions were held and I got second prize for one of the events. We were shown the movie “Little Krishna” afterwards and I loved it!

I developed many good habits like self-discipline, obedience, punctuality, self-confidence, self-development and more at the camp. Now I also have a monthly subscription to its publication.