My favourite fruit is the jackfruit. When my sister was born four years ago, many things were sent from my mother’s ancestral house. A ripe jackfruit was among them.

One day, while eating the fruit, I asked my mother if I could sow its seed and she agreed. My grandma advised that the seed must be dried before sowing. So I kept it in the sun and next day, after school, I took the seed and dug a small hole with a twig. But I wasn’t satisfied with the hole I had made. Grandma again advised me that it isn’t necessary to dig a deep hole, merely scattering the seeds was enough. I didn’t believe her, but I did as she told me.

Now I had to water it. I cupped my hands and filled it with water from a nearby pipe, but by the time I reached where I had planted the seed, half the water would have seeped through the cracks. Of course, my ever supportive grandma gave me a mug and as I was pouring water over the seed, I prayed, “Please let this seed grow into a big tree and give me ripe and sweet jackfruits.” Thankfully, within a few days, a plant stood in place of the seed.

Now, four years later, I feel such pride and joy when I see how big the plant has become with the care I’ve given it.

Zeba Zabin, VIII A, Viswajyothi CMI Public School, Angamaly

Keywords: jackfruit