Once upon a time there were two frogs named Kittu and Mittu. The summer was long and hard and it hadn't rained for long. “What shall we do now?” Kittu asked Mittu. “All the lakes and ponds have dried up. We will die without water,” Mittu continued.

Both of them set out in search of water. One day they found a well. They climbed up and looked down into the well. They became very happy. There was enough water there.

“We are saved. We can jump into the well and live there!” said Mittu.

But Kittu thought for a while. He said, “Wait if we jump into the well how do we come out?”

“Why should we come out? We have enough water there. We can live there,” Mittu argued.

“If this well also dries up we can't come out and we will die there”.

Now Mittu also realised the danger.

“Look before you leap.”

Joel is a Std V C student at Sabarigiri Senior Secondary School

Keywords: short storyfrogs