Friendship is just like water — no colour, no shape, no place, no taste, no end, but is essential for living. I realised this when I moved to another school in Std VIII. As I was an introvert, I could not mingle easily with new friends and adjust to a new school.

Then I met Sandeep who sat beside me in class as well as in my heart. His friendly smile and lovely talk made me feel at ease. He helped me cope with my new classmates. Slowly, I got used to my new friends and teachers. Thanks to Sandeep, my best buddy.

However, he has moved to his home town and is continuing his studies there. But I can’t forget him. I miss him a lot. He has given me a new meaning to friendship.

Shashank. C. Dixit, IX, Bapuji CBSE School, Davangere