Friendship is something that's worth dying for. There is nothing better in this world than a good friend — a person you can trust, you can confide in and someone who makes you laugh during difficult times.

If you are going to find a new friend, you have to see whether he/she cares about you, understands you and stands by your side when problems occur. If the person whom you are going to choose has these qualities he/she could end up as a really good friend.

If you already have a friend you can maintain the friendship by telling your friend how much you care about him/her, by not keeping secrets from your friend, by helping him/her in every way.

Most friends end up fighting, but this could be prevented by telling your friend what fault you find in him/her which is the reason for your fight in the first place. If your friend tries to correct himself/ herself then you have a good friend who really cares for you.

“Women treat friendship like a fragile glass, trying their best to maintain it but it usually ends up in pieces. Men kick friendship around like a football, but it never cracks.” – Anonymous

Anjali is a Std VIII D student at Bhavans Adarsha

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