Nitu decided that she would make a difference.

It was the Christmas holidays and Nitu loved this time of the year. Nitu was a chubby seven-year-old. The spirit and hype of Christmas festival was around the town and the air was filled with magic of joy everywhere. Hustling and bustling around, there was sound of everyone singing Christmas carols.

In Nitu’s house, the Christmas tree was beautifully decorated with lights, bells, candies and tinsel. Nitu had made a ginger bread house and this too was displayed. There was going to be a grand party that night.

The party

Nitu’s mother Charu called out to her to get ready. But Nitu said, “No amma, not now, later.” She was busy reading some instructions and working with coloured beads. Charu walked off to the kitchen to get her cake ready. Once again she called out to Nitu, “Come and taste the cake, Nitu. “

Nitu sighed, put aside her work and went to taste the cake. “The cake is yummy, amma,” said Nitu.

Nitu got dressed in her favourite pretty red dress. She wore her dazzling bangles on her right hand and a beady bracelet on her other. Charu peeked into Nitu’s room and called out ‘Wow kutty’ you look “gorgeous” and gave her a cuddly hug.

Charu said, Nitu” come lets go now to invite our neighours for the party. “Ok” amma said Nitu, swirling around in her red gown.

Nitu said, Amma, I want to go and see Ruku aunty’s Christmas decorations first. Ruku aunty was Nitu’s favourite.

Charu said “Alright, lets go”and stepped into Ruku aunty’s house. They greeted each other with a friendly” Merry Christmas” and Charu said,” Ruku aunty, Please do come to our house for the Christmas party. Nitu then sang her favourite ‘Christmas carol “and ran out saying ‘bye bye’ to Ruku aunty. Nitu and Charu invited all other neighbours and friends and came back home.

Soon it was party time. Slowly friends and relatives began to arrive. All of them carried gifts. Everyone was happy and exchanged greetings and gifts.

Valli, Nitu’s maid, sat alone in a corner of the house. Valli had been away from her family for nearly a year. No one took any notice of her. Even Charu seemed to have forgotten her. Nitu greeted all her guests and then walked away, looking rather busy.

Everyone was having a wonderful time. Soon it was time to leave. Charu began to give her friends and relatives the gifts she had so carefully chosen for them. She called out to Nitu, but she was not to be seen anywhere. Everyone searched for her. Finally they found her. She was with Valli and on Valli’s hand was a lovely bead bracelet. Nitu had made it specially for Valli.

Everyone was moved by Nitu’s kindness. Not only did Nitu open everyone’s eyes but also their hearts.


Tree, so greenDecember 24, 2012

Santa Claus is coming to townDecember 24, 2012