“Who is crying at this time of the night and that too in this peaceful heaven?” asked the angels of love and mercy. The cry was loud and clear. The angels flew around quite puzzled. It was an old tree weeping in a dark corner. It was trying to cover the planet with its branches. “Why are you crying, good old tree? Are you not happy that your trials and tribulations are over? Enjoy the peace of our land and be happy,” said the angels.

“Oh, angels of love and mercy, look at my children on earth. I gave them all I had. I gave them warmth. I breathed life into them. I pampered them and fed them my fruits. But they neglected me and branded me obsolete. They built skyscrapers and shopping malls felling my brethren and me mercilessly. They don’t understand how foolish they are. How can I enjoy the peace when I see my children going astray? Please, let me go back to them and enlighten them.”

“Your wish is granted,” the angels said. “But this is your final chance.” The next day, a fresh green sprout was seen glistening in the morning dew drops surrounded by a heavenly glow.

Farzana Mumthaz, X B, Excel Public School, Kunnamkulam, Thrissur


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