Samar, Salim and Samuel are close friends. They were doing a class project on the topic ‘environment’. But they were out of ideas. They decided to go out as they thought that it would give them some fresh ideas.

The three of them went to a beautiful park, but a sight bothered them. A man was cutting a tree. They walked over to the man and Samuel asked, “Why are you cutting this tree?”

“This is my job,” the man replied.

“Trees give us oxygen, food, shade and shelter,” Salim said.

“Trees help in timely rainfall and maintain the carbon dioxide and oxygen level. They prevent soil erosion and prevent global warming.” Samar added.

The woodcutter was stumped. He asked the kids what else he could do. Samar asked if he had any talents and the woodcutter replied, “I can cook well.”

Salim has a bright idea. “We need a chef in our canteen. Why don’t you give it a try?”

The man soon joined as the chef in their canteen and Samuel came up with an idea for their project. They made three figures of boys showing the ‘stop’ sign to a woodcutter. They wrote the incident down and stuck a model of a tree on top of a globe. They got a good grade. The principal appreciated Samar, Salim and Samuel for the work and also thanked them for a new chef.

S.S. Vishak, VII C, Pon Vidyashram, Valasaravakkam