Our value education teacher took us out of our classroom to visit the construction site of the Cathedral church. The topic for the day was ‘Life needs a strong foundation'. The work at the site had just begun. The foundation stone was laid quite some time back. The blue print showed a number of domes which would be erected.

The whole structure will be supported by 30 strong pillars. A great deal of money had been invested for the construction of the pillars, the strength of which was confirmed by a Load Testing process. The structure was designed to withstand earthquakes and other natural calamities. The pillars need to be interconnected to strengthen the foundation. This is the principle of life too. The structure of life depends on the foundation that we lay in the early stages of our life which will help mould our lives to fulfil the aspirations of society.

Teresa Johny is a student of Std V at Vimalagiri International School, Muvattupuzha