A fun place not only for you but your parents too.

Mazes, optical illusions, puzzles, and quirky displays — welcome to the highest indoor vertical slide in the Southern Hemisphere! This is the award winning A Maze ‘N Things at Phillip Island, Australia.

Don’t be surprised, however, if you find your parents too playing the same games as you or laughing as hard as you. A Maze brings out the child in everyone. Though regarded as a kids’ attraction, it is designed to appeal to and involve people of all ages.

You spot A Maze from afar because of the giant tap with water flowing out of it, on the roof.

Once inside, Puzzle Island has lots of stimulating entertainment. At the Mirror Maze, catch the countless reflections of yourself! It is quite challenging to get out of this without help.

Eat and greet

What is for dinner at another corner? You! You have to crawl under a small arch into a corner and thrust your head through a groove in a dining table. The head appears on a platter surrounded by other delicious dishes!

There is a huge 6.5 metres slide. This Look Out! Slide! You slide, you fall, you scream with excitement.

At the Illusion Rooms you see water flow uphill, people fly, and your body shrink. You can even make yourself disappear! The Gravity Room will leave you confused and wondering whether the Law of Gravity is indeed universal. You can sculpt your body at the Giant Pinhead.

Take a break with snacks, beverages and a range of brain-teasers and puzzles at the Puzzle Café. Outside is the Maxi Mini Golf course set on an artificial turf complete with 19 holes and several tricky turns, and a playground with a few mini-mazes built into the ground.

After you have had your fill of puzzles and stimulating entertainment make sure you visit the Penguin Parade.

At dusk you see these fascinating flightless birds emerge from the sea and waddle past. A short drive away is the Koala Conservation Centre where you find the cute creatures nestled in the branches of trees.