Around the 18th century man made an innovation that allowed him to preserve memories of generations for generations. The camera and the process of photography emerged in that century. Today photography has advanced technologically from films to digital. Photography is a common technique and camera a necessary accessory.

August 19 is celebrated as World photography Day. This day was started by the Indian International Photography Council which also encouraged other countries to observe the day. Ever wondered why this day was chosen to celebrate photographs?

In 1839, August Louis dagurre the inventor of Daguerreotype, sold the rights of the process to the French government and the French sold this knowledge to the world for free on this day. This is the day when the declaration of a photograph was made.

Photography is fast becoming an interesting hobby for many. Tarjani Dubey, a student of Keyes agrees, “photography for me is capturing life.” Another student, Kayasth Karan of Geetanjali High School says that he had developed a liking for clicking stuff he liked.

Taking a shot seems fun and easy, what with the aim and shoot cameras available all around. Farhatullah Baig, an independent filmmaker, photographer and founder of Honey Bee Media Works, shares few tips to get that excellent shot.

Take tips

“Camera should never be facing the source of light for example sun or any form of halogen light (strong light) because that can damage the camera. Reflections (glare) i.e light getting reflected on the picture should be avoided. Light should be behind you. An image becomes more appealing when the number of objects placed in the photo are odd numbers. You can apply this when shooting still life or family groups."

He adds, in order to portray movement in a frame leave spaces as it helps to convey your idea better. If the object in your frame is looking at someone not in the frame then leave space in the direction she is watching. If you are photographing a woman running, then give her some space to run into.

The space should not be behind her but where she is heading for. So that gives more meaning to your frame.

Candid pictures are better than posed pictures. To take a good picture, that everyone likes, you need to spend at least a few seconds composing before you click.

Wait for the right frame, right expression and emotion, before you click it.

So go grab your camera, and take that perfect shot.