Try your hand at cooking. Here are some easy to make recipes that are sure fire winners. The measurements mentioned in these recipes would be just enough for two servings.

Toss a Salad


Watermelon: 1/2

Mango: 1

Cucumbers: 1

Celery: Few leaves

Iceberg lettuce: 1

Cherry tomatoes: 10

Lemon: 1

Black salt


Dice the fruits and vegetables. Take a bowl and line it with iceberg lettuce. Drizzle some lime juice on it. Then layer it with the vegetables and fruits. Add black salt and the remaining lemon juice and garnish it with celery. Toss.

The next and final step is to dig greedily into your crunchy snack.

Lime cooler


Lemon: 2

Salt: 1 tsp

Sugar: 3 tbs

Jal jeera: 1 tbs

Water: 1 3/4 glasses


Squeeze the lemon juice and add salt, sugar and the jal jeera. Stir in the water and serve it cold.



Peach: 2

Cream cheese: 3 tsps

Onions: 1

Olive oil; 2 tbs

Salt: 1/2 tsp

Pepper: 1/2 tsp

Lettuce: 1

Bread: 6 slices


Soak the sliced red onions in olive oil and add a pinch of salt and pepper. Keep aside. Finely slice the peach. Toast the bread and spread cream cheese on it. You have a choice to make an open sandwich or a regular one. Place a leaf of lettuce leaf, a slice of the onion and peach. Since the onion has been marinated in olive oil and garnished, you could bite into your sandwich right away.

Kiwi Konnection


Kiwis: 3

Yoghurt: 2 cups

Nuts: Mixed a handful

Honey: 1 tbsp

Vanilla ice cream: 2 scoops

Cinnamon powder: 1 tsp


Whisk the vanilla ice cream with the yoghurt. Add the chopped kiwis and nuts and glaze it with honey. Sprinkle powdered cinnamon for that peppy edge.

Smooth talks


Strawberries: 8

Milk: 100 ml

Yoghurt: 100 ml

Sugar: 3tbsp

Vanilla essence: 1 tsp

Crushed ice cubes


Remove the leaf from the strawberry. Blend the ingredients with the crushed ice. Pour it out into a tall glass to drink. Serve chilled.

Mango Mania


Raw mango: 2

Cumin Powder: 1 tbsp

Black Salt: 1 tbsp

Sugar: 3 tbsp

Pepper corns: 10

Mint leaves: 10-15

Water: Chilled


Boil mangoes in three cups of water till they become soft. You could also pressure cook them. Let the mangoes cool before you remove the skin. Take out the pulp. Beat the pulp well in a blender with sugar, cumin powder, black salt, pepper corns and mint leaves. Add water and make it to a drinkable consistency. Pour into a tall glass with crushed ice and serve.

Tikki Tock


Burger buns: 2

Lettuce leaves: 2

Cucumber: 2 slices

Tomato: 2 slices

Butter: 1 tbsp

Mayonnaise: 1 tbsp

For the Tikki

Boiled Potatoes: 2 big

Cumin Powder: 1tsp

Coriander Powder: 1tsp

Chilli Powder: 1tsp

Black Salt: 1tsp

Tomato Ketchup: 3 tsp

Oil: 3 tbsp


Mash the boiled potatoes along with black salt, cumin and coriander powder. Add chilli powder and ketchup. When well-mixed, roll them into small balls, and place on a lightly greased tava. Add oil and turn over till both sides are golden brown. Cool the tikkis.

Cut the buns in half and toast with butter. Spread mayonnaise on the buns and layer with lettuce. Now place the tikki and on top of it, place the tomato and cucumber slice. Cover with the other half of the bun.