There have been many joys and sorrows in my life but none as alarming as the one I am about to tell you. It feels as if it were just yesterday when a poor hurt and shaken dog almost six months old landed right outside our front gate. It had a collar but seemed like an abandoned dog to us. Feeling sorry for it I went and gave it some bread and biscuits I had made. It took it gratefully and rubbed its head against my leg as if to say ‘stay with me’. I felt a rush of sympathy as I saw the unwanted animal wander around the front lane. I stayed with it for a while to give it some company.

When I went back home its wandering eyes followed my footsteps. My dogs didn’t feel the same way for that dog as I did. So I told my parents about that pup and asked them if I could keep it, to my dismay they said no because it would be too difficult for dogs to bond as we already had two dogs. On noticing its weak hind legs my father immediately called up our Vet. Meanwhile, I got to know from the security guards that Timmy (Named it after the dog in the Famous Five series) had been bitten two days ago by stray dogs in our area.

My Vet said he would not recover and that we should put him to sleep. I was infuriated. I wanted no such thing and after a lot of talking my dad and me decided to take Timmy to the shelter. The very next morning we headed to Dehra Dun to “People for Animals Shelter”. Though I was happy that he had found a home I can’t deny that I did feel very bad about leaving him back there. When we reached home that night I cried a lot but my mother comforted me saying that even though we couldn’t keep him he has a new family and he is sure to be all right.

So try to help and support animals because they might be able to give you the love you are looking for.

 Sneha Daniel, VII A, Montfort Senior Secondary School, Roorkee, Uttaranchal