A couple of week ago, our school conducted its annual youth festival. Every year, it’s the time that books and classes take a back seat and students spend days practising and perfecting every dance move and every pitch and note of songs that they plan to perform. It is a time that all the talents tucked away in the students are exhibited and appreciated. This year too, it was no different. For two whole days, our school sported a festive look and all competitions were quite worthy of the name. Every prize announced was greeted with cheers and everyone took part with inexhaustible zeal and energy. More than the outcome of these competitions, it nurtures competitive spirit and sportsmanship among the students. But what I like most about this time in our school is the bitter-sweet memories with which we are left behind, the ones that we can look back, smile upon and learn from.

The writer is in Mount Carmel Convent AIGHS, Kollam