Want to gift a nest for the sparrow? Read on.

On World Sparrow Day, Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad, celebrated the Sparrow Festival. This was marked by painting, essay writing and photography competitions.

Mr. Hanif, PRO of Nehru Zoological Park says, “We organised this festival to spread awareness about the sparrow and other birds.”

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“My essay was on how to conserve sparrows and spread awareness about it being endangered. I want to remind people of the days when sparrows used to visit our houses,” saysA. Malikarjun.

Assistant Curator of Zoo, Mr. Ramesh elaborates on the reason behind organising this festival, “Sparrows are declining in number due to many reasons such as lack of insects and grain, and harmful waves emitted by cell phones and other gadgets. So we wanted to create awareness about these issues.”

Hemanth Kumar of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Std. VII said, “I read in a book that sparrows are not seen much these days and that their numbers are decreasing. So I wanted to save them and do my bit towards the environment that's why I took part in this festival”.

Karthik of Std. IX, Johnson's Grammar School said he was encouraged by his grandfather to take part.

He likes birds because they're small.

Abhishek, a participant in the painting competition explains his drawing, “I drew a half moon and a tree and sparrow”.

The zoo authorities said, “We are promoting nesting sites by giving visitors nesting boxes which they can place near their residence or locality. We have also released ‘Save Sparrow' stickers,” says Mr Ramesh.