On November 22, as part of our English group activity session, we had a diverse theme on which we had never worked before — a press conference! We needed a chairperson and one was elected. There were 33 of us in our class. After voting for the chairperson, 10 talented “journalists” were elected to interview him. I was one of them. We were ready to take on the chairperson with difficult questions. We had also invited our Principal to be present at the event. The duty of making and sending the invitation cards was upon me, but unfortunately, I ended up giving the wrong time. My friend had told me the time, but I failed to cross-check it.

At the event, there were reporters, camerapersons, photographers, technical support team and event managers. For a brief time, our school seminar hall had transformed into a conference hall. The chairperson gave a marvellous presentation. The programme was an enormous success. The only one absent was our class teacher, Ms. Jasmine.

The credit for our amazing performance must be given to our English teacher, Mr. Joseph. It was his guidance, leadership, management and all above his patience that made this activity an extraordinary one. Thank you so much.

Aparna K. Mohanan, X, Nirmalamatha Convent School, Eyyal, Thrissur