The education expo was an eye-opener of sorts.

It was a different experience for the students of Velammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Viraganoor, Madurai. They organised an Education Expo on their campus for three days which gave them a lot of opportunity to expose their multifarious skills.

The event titled “Spark-II 2010” had a structural outlook aimed to bring out the potential of the student community.

Nicely designed stalls were put up by the students and model structures were created on politics, modern agriculture, evolution of modern forms of communication and technology, railways, post office, police station, court, hospitals and aqua life.

Students dressed as Lok Sabha Speaker, Union Ministers and as Members of Parliament conducted a mock session and one of the stalls also had a model of the court room and threw light on the proceedings. Pictures of eminent leaders and best parliamentarians, Chief Justices and Legal experts were also displayed in the stalls.

Interesting trivia, quotes about the nation also occupied space in the stalls. Apart from that a lot of information about career opportunities, the procedures to be followed while seeking opportunities, mechanisms involved and informative details on employment were given to the visitors and students from various schools.

The expo was not only about studies and information on employment but also had a good mix of entertainment.

The students had put up food stalls and games counters. M.V. Muthuramalingam, founder chairman, Velammal Educational Trust, was the person behind this initiative as he believed in creating opportunities, the vice-principal of the school, said.

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