More than 1000 students participated in “Balakalakaar” this year.

The day was filled with excitement, artistic dedication and happiness for the underprivileged children who came out from their school routine to participate with students from other schools in the city.

Bonding time

Making new friends and hoping to win was what all the participants expressed with keenness.

Thanks to the volunteers at AIESEC, the world's largest youth-run organisation, who organised an art competition for students from across the twin cities and underprivileged children from various orphanages and homes.

The annual event is called “Balakalakaar”. About 1, 200 students participated this year.

The participants were given two topics to choose from – “My dream in 2012” and “Scenery”. Huddled in groups, the children enthusiastically started their drawings. The drawing of scenaries was preferred.

Simple lines

Beautiful scenery of mountains, rivers and lakes materialised in a variety of colours, somesimply painted, others with different textures and shading.

With the festive season in mind, Sheik Safi, a Std. IV student of Lord's Model School, chose a Christmas theme. His schoolmate, Unisha, made a beautiful sketch with lofty mountains in the background.

The students, who chose “My dream in 2012" were seen making paintings of them excelling in various academic fields and sports.

I have a dream

Children from “Save Our Soul Children's Village” organisation came to participate in the competition, from Lingampally. The children spoke of how they were looking forward to the whole experience.

Priyanka, a Std. VIII student of this organisation, painted her dream. “I want to be a Kho-Kho champion in 2012,” she said.

The competition was followed by magic and puppet shows respectively. Garjam Balaji, a Std. IX student of Gems High School, was spellbound by the tricks “Though the tricks seem difficult, I would love to learn them and amuse my friends one day,” he exclaimed.