Memories of the past replayed occasionally brings a person great pleasure. It may be stored in any form such as a photograph.

I use a scrapbook. I scribble my thoughts and special moments, paste remarkable pictures from newspapers, my previous school ID, hall tickets of examinations, and also store greeting cards given by my family members and friends. I note my different experience during my holidays and also paste craft done by me, tickets, special coins and friends’ photographs.

Out of all the things collected, the most special is my little sister’s first write-up in a paper.

A scrapbook is a wonderful way of storing memories. And now I have three scrapbooks. It is a great feeling to flip through the pages a few years later and it is sure to bring a smile to my face. All of us can maintain a scrap book to cherish our memories.

Taushiq B., VI, Vivekam School, Coimbatore