This is an incident that happened recently. Before going to bed, my mother asked me to bring the clothes from the backyard. As I was taking in the clothes, I saw a figure sleeping near the stairs. I was afraid to go there, and ran to my parents to tell them about this.

My father and I went to check it out and found an old lady, nearly 70 years old sleeping on the floor near the stairs. We asked her what she was doing there. Her eyes brimmed with tears and she told us that her son was a drunkard. He would drink every day and beat her up. When she screamed, he threw her out of the house. We felt sorry for the woman. We gave her some food and a blanket.

This is the condition of the elderly these days. Children do not take care of their parents once they have grown up. They go abroad for better education and job opportunities. But we shouldn’t lose touch with our parents.

Please do not neglect your parents and take care of them and love them like they did for you.

M. Sumasri, VII C, St. Ann’s School, Visakhapatnam