Mom, I love you! It’s not just me; every child loves his/her mom and of course, every mom loves her child. Parents are believed to be the gods we can see. There is even a saying that goes — ‘Matha, pitha, guru, deyvam…’ — which places her ahead of father, teacher and god.

Though some of us make her sad at times with our words, we should understand that she is our well-wisher. Every mother in the world wishes her child to be successful in life. She tries her best to mould us by teaching values and manners. She sacrifices many things for us for our happiness. She helps during our difficult times. I believe a mother is a god-sent angel. Respect her and obey her. Make her proud of you.

MALAVIKA J. NAIR, VI B, Cochin Refineries School, Ambalamugal