Recently, I got a chance to visit The Kerala State Science and Technology Museum and Priyadarsini Planetarium at Thiruvananthapuram. We purchased tickets to the Gallery, Planetarium, 3-D movie theatre and park.

First we visited the Electrical gallery. There we saw the sketches of electricity generation at various powerstations such as Hydro-Electric, Thermal, Diesel and many more. By pressing a button, we could see their action through the LED. There were also working demonstration of Valve radio, Transistor radio and IC radio. Jacob's Ladder was the best display there. The working of the burglar alarm was interesting — when I put my hand inside a small house, suddenly a sound heard and I was frightened.

Then we entered the Popular Science gallery. There were various items displayed, all based on the principles of Science and Mathematics — MagicLamp, Newton's Disc, Kaleidoscope, Periscope and so on. The Magic Tap called ‘Akash Ganga' was the major attraction there. It showed water flowing from a tap that was supended mid-air. ‘Funny Mirrors' display was fun. When I looked at the mirror I became a fat boy and when I looked another mirror I was a thin boy. A “Planetary Digital weighing Machine” calculated our weight on earth and the corresponding weight on different planets. When light falls on a human statue, its facial expression changes from happy to sad, is interesting to watch there…

Our next visit was to the Planetarium. There was an air-conditioned Sky Theatre. There was a huge projector in the middle. When the show started, we felt that we were moving. There were stars above us. There are two shows — “Myriad Suns” dealing with sun, moon, stars, galaxies, supernova etc and “Man and the Universe” dealing with the origin of the universe, study of different planets, astronomy and asteroids. I had a wonderful time at the Planetarium. By watching the wonders of space in the Sky theatre, we got a feel of it. Besides the Planetarium, we visited the ISRO gallery there. Models of rockets, PSLVs, missiles etc were also seen. We visited the galleries on Bio-Medical, Computer, Electronics and Auto – mobile. We saw Microscope, X-ray tube, display of Abacus, EDVAC, super Computer, CRO, 2-stroke, 4-stroke petrol and diesel engines etc there.

Then we moved to the air-conditioned 3-D movie theatre. We watched two short 3-D films — “Enchanted Castle” and “Master of Magic”. Special glasses were given to view them. The show lasted 20 minutes. The show was horrible and I was afraid.

After lunch, we went to the park. In the Science park, we saw the Echo Tube, Acrobatic Ball, World Clock, Musical Bars, Whispering Dishes and so on. In the Energy Park, there were many things such as wind mill, wind Battery Charger, Solar Cooker, Solar Water heater, Solar water Pump etc. Every display in the park shows various scientific principles. Then we entered in to the Children's park. There are slides and swings. We played in the park.

We left the place in the evening. This trip was fun and I also gained knowledge. I will not forget this wonderful visit.

Azhad is a Std V-C student at Maria Agnes English Medium Convent School, Perinad, Kollam